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Hustle Butter Deluxe- Tattoo Aftercare 30 ml

Hustle Butter Deluxe- Tattoo Aftercare 30 ml

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  • TATTOO AFTERCARE ESSENTIAL: Hustle Butter is the original luxury tattoo aftercare product for new and older tattoos. Safe to use right after getting a tattoo to help reduce all kinds of irritation unlike others. Makes tattoos older tattoos pop and rejuvenates them.
  • HELPS HEALING PROCESS, PREVENTS FADING: Hustle Butter is not only safe for new tattoos, but it’s encouraged to help the healing process. It also prevents fading and revives color in older tattoos
  • NATURAL VEGAN INGREDIENTS: Certified cruelty-free, absolutely vegan, our butter is made with natural ingredients and is petroleum, paraben free. It is made from only the finest ingredients, including Shea, Mango, Aloe butter, Coconut, Sunflower, Rice Bran oils, Rosemary Oleoresin, Green Tea, Vitamin E Complex, Mint Arvenis Essential Oil, as well as the essence of Papaya, Coconut.
  • ON THE GO CARE: Our conveniently sized 30 ml tub fits easily in any pocket, backpack, or purse, so our premium tattoo aftercare balm is always available to aid the healing process.

PartNumber: HB-361-1OZ

Details: Original Hustle Butter Deluxe Combine multiple tattoo care products into one with Original Hustle Butter Deluxe; a non-petroleum based tattoo cream that serves as a tattoo lubricant to replace petroleum-based products that soothes the skin and reduces swelling, bleeding, and redness, while also functioning as a tattoo aftercare product for healing tattoos and as a daily tattoo moisturizer. Pick your size! 1-oz. jar, 5-oz. jar, 1-oz. jar – lot of 2, 1 oz. jar – lot of 3, Display of 50 - .25 oz. packets. FEATURES: Available in 1-oz., 5-oz., .25-oz., 1-oz. Jar Lot of 2, 1-oz. Jar Lot of 3, Display of 50 - .25 Packets Use Before, During, And After Doesn't Wipe Off Stencils Holds in Light Colors the First Time Made in the USA 100% Organic, Petroleum Free, Vegan Ingredients A multipurpose tattoo salve that replaces the petroleum-based products that seem to be the standard, Hustle Butter Deluxe functions as a tattooing butter as well as a tattoo aftercare product for new healing tattoos. In addition, it can be used long after your tattoo has healed as a moisturizing lotion to keep your tattoos and skin looking healthy and hydrated. Utilizing natural ingredients, Hustle Butter Deluxe soothes the skin to make it more manageable as it reduces swelling, redness, and bleeding, to make the tattooing process more fluid. Hustle Butter also helps the skin accept and hold colors, in particular the “difficult-to-stick†lighter colors that tend to not hold on their first pass. The same natural ingredients that prep the skin for tattooing also function as a fantastic tattoo aftercare product. Speeding up the unique tattoo healing process by providing the skin with the essential nutrients it needs to heal quickly, while also keeping the tattoo hydrated and moisturized, the chances of a tattoo drying out or scabbing are lessened, helping to protect the tattoo over time. ALLERGY WARNING: Product contains Mango.

UPC: 702024825309

EAN: 0743401101739

Model: HB-361-1OZ

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